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Welcome on
Age Of Empires !!

This website was developed in order to host a GIF creator and archive, inspired by one of the first Real-Time Strategy PC Games: Age of Empires! (At the moment, the site hosts only animated GIFs from Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion).

The original idea comes from a project begun in 2006 for the website Age On-Line (no more used), which included (among other things) an area dedicated to the animated GIFs created by me and my coworkers, to whom I taught my method step by step. Then, tired of repeating my teaching more and more, I wrote a tutorial about it, in which I also explained in detail how to extract the images from the game.
Before creating this website in 2009, all GIFs were assembled by hand, frame by frame, by spending hours on a single GIF. But now, you can create one within a few clicks!

Have a good fun!

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